FIORE Exclusive

Le Masse Trio Toscano EVOO in Earthen Pot


Brand: FIORE Olive Oils

Size: 500 ml

In Tuscany, olive oil is life. Enjoy this singular gift of EVOO from Le Masse, a 13th century San Leolino convent recently restored by Captain Noah’s sister in the bosom of Tuscany. Our fresh-press oil comes to you in a gorgeous hand-thrown and glazed one-of-a-kind cruet from the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. This is a result of true synergy: Captain Noah’s family ties to San Leolino and the friendship ties of FIORE to well-known potter Louis Mulcahy gives us the opportunity to offer Le Masse EVOO in exquisite refillable ceramic pots evocative of ancient amphorae. The olive grove at Le Masse sat neglected for over a decade, and after a few years of restorative pruning, the Clancy/Barnes family enjoyed a high-quality yield in November 2018.

We hope you will appreciate the quality, craftsmanship, and the love that is an indispensable part of this harvest, from our famiglia to yours.

Robust Intensity  -  Polyphenols: 616mg/Kg; FFA: 0.17%; Oleic Acid: 74.6%; Peroxide: 4.1meqO2/Kg

Earthen Pot holds 500mL Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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